U-Scoot is a type of kick scooter that has been designed to incorporate an electric motor powered by a lithium battery.
They are not the same as a motorbike or moped as they do not require road tax, insurance or a MOT and can still be ridden on cycle paths and towpaths etc.

Lithium Ion battery 36v 8Ah.

The Lithium battery is contained within the foot plate so we recommend that you avoid deep puddles and shallow water, as this could cause damage to the battery

1. How much effort you put in.
2. The chosen assistance level.
3. How hilly is the route your riding.
4. Riders weight.

As a rule of thumb you will realistically get about 25 to 30 kms out of a full charge depending on the above factors.

There is very little legislation currently regarding kick scooters or E-scooters in the UK regarding road use, other than the highway code, should you choose to ride your scooter on a public highway we would recommend you abide by all traffic regulations.

Where possible we would always recommend the use of cycle paths or cycle lanes its less congested and more enjoyable.

Please ride your U-Scoot responsibly at all times, we ask our customers to check with you local authorities, regarding the legal requirements of E-scooters in your area as legislation can vary from region to region.

We would recommend a minimum age of 14 years of age.

Yes, we would recommend that you wear a cycle helmet at all times also cycle gloves and something Hi-Vis is always a good idea too.

We recommend a maximum load of 125kg

The U-Scoot can coupe very well over uneven terrain, grass and gravel paths, The 16” pneumatic tyres give you a smooth ride over most surfaces.

The U-Scoot is not designed for Stunts and jumps or off road on rough ground.
The Lithium battery is contained within the foot plate so we recommend that you avoid deep puddles and shallow water, as this could cause damage to the battery.

No they do not recharge when you are riding it, the only way to recharge the battery by using the battery charger supplied, which is very light weight and could be carried in a small back pack to use in your work place or home.

Around 3 to 4 hours from completely flat to fully charged, we recommend keeping lithium batteries topped up after use, charge regularly and never leave for long periods of time without being fully charged.

It only costs a few pence of electricity to fully charge a battery, we do recommend you top-up the battery after use.

European law states that an electric e-scooter can only assist you up to 15.5mph / 25kms although you can free wheel faster than this if you wish.

Most of the working non-electrical parts are standard cycle parts so day to day servicing like tyre or brake replacement will seem very cheap for people used to paying for car repairs.
They are incredibly good fun. If you have never ridden one before you will find you get all the pleasure and fresh air of a bicycle, without the hard work, and the more you ride the more you’ll love it. U-Scoot Your Way.
Using an U-Scoot is a great way there is to break the car habit.
The average car journey in Britain is 5 to 8 miles and every day people in Britain make millions of small journeys to work or the shops and back that could easily be made using your U-Scoot.

U-Scoot is completely emission free form of transport, so make your next journey a non-polluting journey.

U-Scoot has a 12 month manufactures warranty.

This is sometimes possible to arrange colours other than our standard colours. Please contact us by email with your colour choice and we always try to meet your requirements.